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Express Card™ — Your Bank card with your Metro and Mosgortrans ticket inside

No more queuing for your metro tickets – life has just become easier

Express Card™ is a bank card that has a contactless smart card that allows you to pay for your metro or ground travel in Moscow. All you have to do is place your card on the turnstile reader at the Metro station or in any kind of Mosgortrans transport and your bank account will be billed at the end of the month for any trips that you have taken.

The more rides you make, the cheaper they become – because, Express Card totals all of your travels for the month and your bank calculates the price according to the relevant tariffs published by the Metro and Mosgortrans official sites. Therefore, the card automatically ensures that you qualify for the highest discount available for that particular month.

Турникет в метро и Эксперсс Кард

Express Card is a market leader in developing payment solutions for transit companies

Founded in 1997, we specialize in developing end-to-end solutions that ensure all aspects of payment in transit networks can be facilitated. We provide a range of contactless cards and card accepting devices. We also act as a systems integrator ensuring seamless connections to banks, government systems and transit providers. Our system supports the processing and full life cycle of a transit transaction.

In 2004, we started development enabling bankcards to be used to pay for individual journeys on transit systems. This culminated in the issuance of the first bank/transit card in Russia in 2006. This card was issued by the Bank of Moscow and made possible for their customers to use their cards at any Moscow Metro station and in Mosgortrans transport as e-tickets.

In 2008, we increased the number of bank participants with the launch of the Citi Express Card – issued by Citibank and able to be used at all Metro stations in Moscow.

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